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March 12, 2010


Peter Maier

Why are people so upset? EPA has never implemented the CWA and even the definitions used in the Act are not clear. The interim goal was swimmable waters by 1983, but EPA, due to a faulty test, ignored nitrogenous (urine and protein) waste so rivers still are used as giant urinals. (www.petermaier.net) And what does the EPA means with elimination of all pollution (the ultimate 1985 goal of the Act) when during oral arguments in a court case in Denver, EPA claimed that Congress only intended to address organic waste in sewage and that, organic matter solely consist out of carbon, hydrogen and oxygen. Since urine and proteins also contain nitrogen, they are not required to be treated, according to the same arguments most everything else. The sad part is that a federal court agreed and the media appears too lazy to educate itself of what pollution is and how it impacts our environment.

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