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April 29, 2008



One correction to your otherwise well-written and thoughtful article:
You state, "In Indiana, getting your government-issued photo identification requires a birth certificate and a passport."

This is false. To get an Indiana state ID card, which is free, residents need to show only one primary form of underlying documentation--i.e. a birth certificate OR a passport. (You also need to show a secondary form, but this is satisfied with documents available for free.)

Drivers licenses, state ID cards, military ID cards, passports, and student ID cards can all be used as ID at the polls, so individuals who have these already need not provide any other documents.

In addition, it is important to note that there is an exemption for the indigent who cannot afford any ID. If an individual appears at the polls without ID, they WILL be allowed to cast a ballot. Then they merely need to affirm that they are indigent within ten days--no ID or additional actions necessary.

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